Dave Henderson.Všichni digging Sparta

Slavia will keep my fingers crossed that robbed Viktoria Plzen on points, and slightly uncover and Letna have a chance to win the title. Hope gives them an offensive style of play, which pays new coach Michal Petrouš red and white. Neodkloní from him even on the field leadership team league. High win over Jablonec is history now going to land leader. It's not too big a bite? "I do not care against whom we enter. Of course we know the strength of Pilsen, which strives for the title.

But in this situation will be on my team mentally maybe better because Plzen was difficult to overwhelm the last Budejovice at home and we came off a match Jablonec. The positives are on our side. "Their idols at war with Budejovice, a small group of Pilsner boilers However vylétával xenophobic outcry against Slavia. The rest Kotelnik, who ironically called ultras ... So you have the feeling that Slavia Pilsen afraid?

"No, definitely not. Just to remind that against Slavia vyhecuje to 90 minutes, you will want to beat us. Against Budějovice for leading 2: 0 could lead to complacency, it will now threatening. "Daly Czech Budejovice you an example of how leadership team table tease? "The path is clear. You can not rely only on defense, crawl on your own half and popularly announce that we rely on breaks. So it is useless. Pilsen is such a good team that finds a loophole.