Of course, even if only as a guest

They must also come under pressure. Limberský to say that today is not so much to attack. "Pilsen're way behind the title already complicated by the spring of 2010, when Slavia under your leadership, has caught two-goal deficit and offset. Can you think of the match?

"Many times. After half home led 2: 0 and everything was clear. 88 minutes fell head after a corner Karol Kisel, setting Milan Cerny after VLČKOVÁ brilliant pass himself went to the gate and turned cold. Then I heard sighs, why we do not complicate the path.

But I said it Plzen loss for words. He also won the title. "Joy Slavia players. Under coach Michal Petrouš team in the league he took, when he destroyed the strong Jablonec except Class 5: 1st They enjoyed the fans. Had joy and coaches Knoflíček with Petrousa

Do you see how the Spartans will now keep their fingers crossed to rival stripped of points? "It is a great paradox. All of us will be cheering. In our Hovorčovice it still recall that help them. They swear how they wish our success and how they match with Jablonec liked. This team just for the psyche better. "Were you in the middle look at the winning junior derby with Sparta? "The junior already leads someone else. The boys pleased me dvougólovým not only victory, but also his demonstrated the game. It turns out that is where to dig. "You've got the squad and experienced players, former representatives. The direct question: will go Skacel and Fenin to Pilsen, or do not fit the nomination again?