Structurally similar to the 2007/08 season, when applied last time

Said the secretary general of the Czech Ice Hockey Association (ČSLH) Martin Urban to ČTK and Unlike the past, but overseas clubs offer for players who leave for the NHL and the valid contract in Europe, higher financial compensation. "the exact amount but do not want to say.

We agreed that the first give you extraliga clubs. Expressing However, we should in a short time, because the aim is to sign a contract already for next season, "said Urban, who ČSLH represented together with the Vice President of Petr Briza. DIRECTLY from Stockholm | Even though he came after plodding victory over Slovenia (4: 2) among journalists began, "Pavelec Thank you! that was incredible, what caught ..." also, the attacker ...

According to the earlier treaty to clubs for hockey player who left the NHL, receive a maximum of $ 200,000. Currently, the majority of European countries concluded an individual contract, on the basis of which the compensation is still about $ 25,000 higher. and this offer but now the NHL has increased. No contractual relationship not with the NHL only Czechs, Swiss and Russia respectively Continental League. and the KHL a deal apparently not connect. "KHL was founded as a counterweight to the NHL .