Chievo Verona - Udinese Calcio

Two neighbors in the table ongoing battle for tenth place at the Bentegodi stadium in Verona. Chievo and Udinese celebrated in the last round of a valuable victory. While Zebras at home for the second time cope with AC Milan, Chievo can turn vyšlápl to Lazio.

For both teams, it was surprising results. Chievo had held pětizápasovou losing streak across all competitions, Udine again expected to win four games.

Chievo far this year does not give such performances, what we could see, for example, last season. Defensive no longer provide enough solid impression, which is the month of January clearly showed. For three times into the blue and yellow hit the net Atalanta, Inter and Fiorentina. Teeth withstood to Lazio, where defensive dyke Donkeys Fly functioned as it should. Although it should be noted that of Verona had a good dose of luck and decided by three points to the ninetieth minute goal by Robert Ingleseho.

Udinese won and who had to turn unfavorable developments against AC Milan. Zebras this year once famous Milan defeated, at 1: 0 at the San Siro and now added their second victory. Again it live up to its reputation as the most enigmatic team in the entire series A. Whether Udine bound to win, of course, it is far from certain, particularly since the first match with Chievo lost at home for a change.

Both sides are holding a big gap from the relegation positions, so he's no more pressure at rest may distribute interim tenth place. At the moment it only thanks to a better score keeps Udinese. Pets will have to do without injured Castro and the punished Cacciatoreho. Even one absence fewer Udine reports that in the last round lost Faraoniho.