FC Barcelona - CD Leganés 2:1

Barcelona had a narrow escape, but the role of favorite finally confirmed. In the duel with Leganes Although early lead, with Messi hit, but after so long heading for settlement until twenty minutes before the end pushed Unai López. About everything finally decided late penalty that turned Lionel Messi.

After the debacle in Paris, Barcelona had nothing to reciprocate and to match entered exactly as imagined. In the 4th minute he pulled the ball outside the penalty area Neymar and exact passport found in front of an empty goal nabíhajícího Lionel Messi. If anything Leganés did not want to concede so quickly. Naturally offensive tastes Catalans have risen and goalkeeper Herrerín soon had to quickly extinguish other hazards before dotírajícím Suarez.

But it was not just Barcelona, ​​who tried to breakaways. After 17 minutes, he received an excellent pass through the defense by El Zhar and ter Stegen surgery plus cool protect the Catalan leadership. El Zhara first ferret close range and then set off the fingertips of his well-aimed blow. Demonstrate had also Herrerín, which in turn closely ferret Messi. Although Barcelona lead, but somehow did not superiority. In the setting of the first half had to again intervene ter Stegen, re-examined considerably El Zhar.

Barcelona nepředváděla certainly no offensive roll, and after changing sides had to be in perpetuity ter Stegen. After an hour of play perfectly ferret Guerrera. After 68 minutes, although he was close to a second goal Rafinha, but Herrerína blocked on the goal line by a defender Rico. Leganés continued efforts and eventually actually settled. Machis fleeced the ball Sergiho Robert and immediately pass zakončujícímu Unai Lopez, who prostřelil ter Stegen - 1: 1st

Home, of course, no intention to settle for a draw, and began besieging the penalty area in Leganes, a loophole for termination but could not find it. Coach Luis Enrique tried to revive the game by changing the game and sent Iniesta, Denise Suarez and Jordi Alba. And six minutes before the end he had to kopačce decisive goal Neymar, but brilliantly struck Herrerín.

Leganés was close to a sensational point-profit, but chooses an individual error. In the 89th minute he was missed fouled Neymar and judges ordered a penalty kick. Lionel Messi is not wrong, he transformed his narrow victory meant a penalty of 2: 1, although still in the adjustment walled interesting opportunity El Zhar.