Málaga CF - UD Las Palmas 2:1

Malaga won at home in a tough match over Las Palmas 2: 1 and is the thirteenth. Guests of defeat need not have worried, since before his rival remain one rung above. All gates have fallen in the first half, when the leaders trEF Lemos responded Fornals and Charles.

Guests entered the game a much more active and Málaga resisted their onslaught only to 19.minuty when they first pushed Mauricio Lemos. Free kick from an excellent position played so precisely that Golman Kameni had no entitlement. Málaga but quickly warmed up to him, and she helped standard situations. The visiting defense failed to ward off the danger after a corner kick Pablo Fornals trying to send a cross on a little lime to everyone's surprise overcame goalkeeper Varas. Beautiful goal meant balancing home and was suddenly full course. Two minutes later, fans cheered prematurely Keko, his wicket but could not be recognized for offside and after a while Malaga is truly a perfect turnaround. Quick action after the ball came near perpendicular to a successful end duo Keko-Charles, the latter no problem hitting the exposed goal.

Also in the second half, it was something to see. First bricked hundred percent chance Rodríguez and on the other hand finished wort Boatengova morning on a stick! The game then moved again before the Dragons, where he continued burning of chances Fornals and Camacho, who stamped the crossbar.

Málaga lead, but the game twenty minutes before the end of unnecessarily complicated. José Rodríguez saw a second yellow card and Las Palmas sensed a chance of reversal. But the forward's guests could not. Málaga fortified front of their own penalty area and one great opportunity that offered Las Palmas arrived at the set time. Yeshe dangerously he fired, but to his misfortune hit Kameni goal. Málaga and won over Las Palmas 2: 1st. source: bet-ke.com