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Calum Steps Age: 21 12 months Position: defender/midfielder Club/Team: Arsenal/England The likelihood of difference associated with expertise: common It's time to reflect almost altering the staff then the young oboronno Strategy. The resident band is entitled chambers, nevertheless Wenger hardly ever participate in. This year, Calum played about the take only 10 moment dollars after you engender a stingy 264 records. During meeting the requirements steps engaged in twice. Merely due to his merely 3 sport to the subject staff, though the adjustment associated with house could travel footballer to help profit. Awareness oboronno indicates "Southampton", yet, the possibility of the transition appropriates slot the camp out in the st . – 50%. The selling point of Calum becomes it's universalism. The Brit might be useful both inside nucleus and also for the border of the justification and defending midfield. Phil Jones Era: 23 calendar year Location: defense Club/National Staff: "Manchester United"/England The likelihood involving exchange crew: lower Champion involving "devils" within the later years, previously played 20 games for your nationwide crew. A number of counts Jones conquered the pasture now reducing for your upcoming ls tournament, but the defender works the danger not really to visit with regard to Dollar 2016. England ought to compete the most effective, along with 10 go with inside EPL will certainly plainly be sufficient to make it on the last list of Roy Hodgson. One of several nominees with the positions with the "3 lions" will be the end character connected with Jones will likely be that has a probability of 90%, although additional... One more detail remains to in order to renounce Stansted United, which is Jones enjoyed a few days isn't uncomplicated. Daniel Sturridge Age: 26 yr Placement: striker Club/Team: Liverpool/England The possibility of exchange regarding power: higher Career talented person moved down. Most on account of injuries. This year he joined in just five match up as well as count a couple of goals. Daniel Sturridge may very well be quite worthwhile regarding Great britain, but the not enough complement do can easily position a combination on the trip to France. Not too long ago there is a plan with move inside "Western world pig", nevertheless Sturridge first must fully recuperate. The change towards the camp out of the "sorts" would have having a positive impact on the internal confusion on the striker. Daniel may have a thing to help establish since Jurgen Klopp in addition to Roy Hodgson. Otherwise, Sturridge could be gotten away from from the national side, while England will race towards the raging Jamie Vardy. Vladimir Granat Age group: 28 years Place: opponent Club/National Group: Spartak/Russia The probability connected with coins connected with expertise: substantial We catch approximately your public staff. 3 years ago Vladimir Granat was a player on the Moscow "Dynamo" also lived repeatedly called up towards the nationwide lineup connected with Russian federation. Inside qualifiers the warden gets double put on t-shirt on the subject party, although due to personal injury ended up being never ever capable to get back to the most common direct. Within Present cards generated of which Pomegranate could leave "Spartak" and also allow it to become a ought to, otherwise the sport team, Vladimir should have to view at home. In the ideal case – from your stage. The probability that Vladimir Granat, as their advantages are 9 games with the national side associated with Russia, will return to Dynamo.